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“We help independent hoteliers increase their profit by up to 50% in 63 days without increasing stress or work load”

Accommodation Accelerator

The 80%+ Occupancy Elevator

Understand where you fit with in our unique framework for Hotel Performance. Identify the symptoms and along with it, the keys to success to move yourself from where you are now to where you’d like to be on the 80%+ Occupancy Elevator.

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The Performance Benchmark Report

Wouldn’t it be great to know how your business is travelling compared to the marketplace? Well we keep a database of information of all accommodation businesses we come in contact with. We score across 5 key performance areas and then benchmark your results against the rest of the data to provide you with insight as to what areas you may be lagging in and therefore need your attention.

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The 63 Day 80%+ Occupancy Road Map

A 9 step framework and online course including workbooks, tutorial videos, and check lists to take you from Bewildered & Breaking Even to having Maximised Profits and Potential.

This self-help, self-paced model allows you to cost-effectively access the core of Hotel Rescue’s IP and implement strategies at your own pace to help you find accommodation business growth.

9 Modules over 9 Weeks = 63 Days (or whatever time frame works you)

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Hotel Occupancy Growth

The Hotel Business Coach

If it’s all becoming too hard and you just need someone to help, we hold just 20 places for direct one on one consulting to provide detailed and customised advice on how to improve your property’s performance. Due to ACCC laws relating to pricing cartels we are limited as to how many properties we can take on in a single area so be quick to secure our services if you’re really looking for that personal attention.

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Hotel Rescue is on a mission to help 100 accommodation businesses find 50% growth this year!

Would you like your Hotel, Motel, B&B or Apartments to be one of them?

From increasing occupancy, driving online visibility and conversions to implementing profitable pricing, we work with Hotels, Motels, B&B’s and Serviced Apartments to make this happen.

Hotel Rescue follows a unique nine step framework to help operators maximise the potential of their business. In a rapidly changing environment that often leaves owners and managers perplexed and wondering how to get the most out of their opportunity.

We achieve amazing results through education and training without technology overwhelm or interfering in the day to day running of their property.

The Results

“We have been quite surprised by the progress that can be made in such a short time. After just 63 days we are already experiencing over 25% growth from implementing only 2 key strategies that we’re recommended to us.”

“The key for us was that it was a relatively low investment cost when compared to the potential upside we were looking to achieve. The program has certainly paid for itself and some, and really, we’ve only just begun!”

David Caruso

Managing Director, Baan Caruso

“I couldn’t be happier with the results I am seeing from the Hotel Rescue program Michael introduced to me in late 2015. My Motel has seen year on year occupancy and revenue growth every month this year (2016). I am currently 72% up on last years revenue figures and we’re eight months into the year.”

“I’ve been operating this motel for the past 35 years and I’ve seen the industry rapidly change of late, and Michael has helped me adapt and change my business so I can remain competitive”

Gail Platz

Owner Operator, Cameo Motor Inn


Business: Revive Central Apartments

Success Rating: 8/10

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