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What is Hotel Rescue?

A framework designed to simplify the performance, profit & promotion of your accommodation business in a rapidly changing and competitive environment. At BizScaping we are all about maximising business potential, and our Hotel Rescue program does exactly that for the small to medium accommodation business.

Running an accommodation business is hard work, and we like to see hard work rewarded. We believe there is so much untapped opportunity in independent and regional hotels & motels that we put this package together. We call this Hotel Rescue, bringing city based hotel marketing, sales & revenue management strategies, to the small and medium hospitality operator. This is not a magic silver bullet or a software program with the promise of profitable automation. At it’s core, it is training and mentoring from experienced hospitality executives that will build the ‘smarts’ in you to run a profitable accommodation business.

Our programs help you design your own personalised strategies that fit with your property, your market and your management style. We can either teach you how to do this yourself through our online training or we can become hands on through our ‘done for you’ coaching and implementation services.

Whichever platform you choose, you’ll discover a fresh approach to hotel management giving you cutting edge tips, tools and techniques to help you reach your potential in the satisfying yet super competitive hospitality industry.

You need Hotel Rescue because…

The hard work is already done! Your Hotel or Motel is established, you’ve invested in bricks & mortar, you’ve chosen the decor for your rooms, you’ve put your operational systems in place and you’ve likely set up your online presence.

But how are you maximising your occupancy, your room rates and therefore your profit? How are you keeping up with ever changing world of OTA’s, digital marketing for your hotel, managing reviews, getting your facility visible online, chasing more occupancy, looking after your regulars?

You’re probably leaving money on the table every day! Could you do with a little help and guidance getting things sorted?

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